Programming pneumatic using vexcode v5

I am trying to program a single-acting cylinder using vex code v5 blocks. I am very new to this programming and have very limited knowledge. From online I found the below blocks, but it is not working for me.

I will appreciate help on this.

That looks pretty reasonable to me (as long as the solenoid is actually connected to port H – but I assume you’ve checked that already).

Are you sure all the pneumatics hardware is set up correctly? (see this PDF)

Can you hear a faint click from the solenoid when you try to trigger it?


Thank you for your reply. Yes I checked the pdf, and also used some youtube video on connecting the components. Please see the pictures. I am not hearing any clicking sound when I press the controller button. I connected the wire from cylinder (tank) side to the P port and acting cylinder to the A port. I removed the solenoid and replaced it with a manual control and the single-acting work.

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cylinder works.

Ah, you have an MC29 connecting the solenoid to the brain – there is a separate “solenoid driver cable” in the pneumatics kit that you should use for that instead:

Note the different end on the solenoid cable.


But looks similar? You mean the ends (ports)?

Yes, the end on the solenoid driver cable is physically different from the MC29.

But also the two cables do totally different jobs – the MC29 is designed to drive pre-V5 motors at a variety of speeds by doing pulse-width modulation, the solenoid driver’s job is just to tell the solenoid to open or close at a particular time.


Oh got it. So I will order the cable you mentioned. Thank you so much for looking into it!
Does solenoid driver cable have a specific name?

Did you buy all of your other parts individually? If you bought one of the kits, those cables come in the kit.


yes, I found it in the box. I do have the cable. Let me try now. Again my sincere thanks to you.

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Yes, it is working now with the new connecting cable! Thank you!