Programming Question - Two Motors, 1 Servo

So, I looked through the guide that came with my vex, and could not find out how I would run a robot with two motors and one servo on it. I pictured one stick running the motors and another the servo. It can be done, right? I mean, the kit comes with servos.

I dont understand what you are asking.

Do you have the programing kit?

If I understand what you are saying, you would need the programming kit (which is a must for more complex robots).

I’m not sure what ur asking, but yes you can build a basic robot with 2 motors and 1 servo. In fact you can build a moving robot with just 2 motors.

Sorry for being vague, but here’s what I want to do.

I have the square bot built - normal set up with two motors. And I want to add a servo to basically move an arm up and down without programming the robot.

I’m wondering if/how I could set it up where one stick on the controller would move the entire bot, and the other would move the arm up and down.

The only way I can figure you working that out (without reprogramming) is by placing the motor wires into the motor ports 3 and 4 or 2 and 1 on the microcontroller and then pushing the stick diagonally to move the bot and then put the wire from the servo to the opposite.

For example

Left motor goes into 4
Right Motor goes into 3
Servo goes into 2

the left stick will control the movement and the right one will control the servo.

Since we are on the topic of not programing, how does the brain come out of the box? What controller buttons/ joysticks control what? I’ve always used programing, so I don’t know how the brain works without any programing.

You don’t need the programming kit for this, though it is a good thing to have in general.

You want to configure the remote control for “12” mode (or mix mode) so that one joystick controls both the drive motors. That leaves channels 3&4 (the other joystick) available for arm control.

I did this with a basic spybot, and it worked quite well. 1&2 ran the drive motors, and 3&4 ran the camera mount.

The inventors guide has several pages that describe the possible mappings from the controller to the motors. I believe it is in the Control section.


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Thank you.