programming questions

We are trying to program our robot for the Elevation competition. What is the program that we should use? We first got the robot starter kits that came with a program called “RobotC”. How do we use it and is there another type of software available? What is the best software out there for someone who might not know a lot about programming? Any help?

Our programming options can be found on the Programming Page. I am moving your post to where the VEX Community can answer on what has worked best for them.

You have 3 choices, ranked in what many feel is the order of their expertise from easiest to hardest: EasyC, RobotC and MPLAB.

If you know nothing about programming at all, I think your best choice is EasyC. If you do know a little, know where you can get help and would prefer to learn to code w/o gui training wheels, then RobotC is great.

If you are hard core, MPLAB :slight_smile:

Since you already have RobotC (is it for Vex?) you might as well start there. If that is to much, you can move up to EasyC and if it is to easy (or doesn’t give you enough low down access) you can move up to MPLAB.

I’m firmly in the RobotC range of coding, myself.

I recommend the use of the WPILib robot library and MPLabs compiler / IDE. You get the ease of the WPI robot API (like the EasyC environment) and can use the “hard core” MPLabs compiler, without switching development environments. Like having a big bike with training wheels.

Ok, so that was mean, I’m a hard core C programmer so I’m biased.

I will say that I’ve seen my programming mentor go to events, take dead robots with no code and have the student roboteers put the code into EasyC in about 15 minutes and have them end up in the finals. If you can draw with crayons, you can program in EasyC

So I agree with Fryfrog, but (and isn’t there always a but) I’d say “where do you want to BE”. Mechanical gurus, no programming - EasyC. Mechanical guys that have software that make the robot dance - RobotC. Why yes thats a pile of motors and servos but our software makes it into a championship robot - MPLabs.