Programming Remote Control for Kiwi Bot

Hi, I am starting with Graphical RobotC for VEX IQ. I am interested in program the remote control for onmidirectional wheels, using kiwi bots for moving the robot in any direction; is there anyone who could help me telling me how to program the remote control to do that? Is it possible to do it usig Graphical RobotC?
It is hurrying for me because I want to train our first competition team.

I am also interested on see if there is someone with experience being a coach who is willing to counsel me directly for training building robots.
I thank you so much.


Sam at Robot Mesh wrote up a blog post on programming a Kiwibot using Python at No idea how to do this in ROBOTC Graphical.

Thanks Robot Mesh. Its a primary VEX team, we want build a robot with omni wheels for moving in any direction but we dont know how program the remote control to do that :(. The deathline is close

I hope you mean deadline! It’s too early in the season to dream of the sweet quiet peace of death!:wink:

My 4th grader says when he built a Kiwibot, the front wheel made it turn, the back wheels made it go forward and backward. He put the front wheel on button E. And he set it on arcade control in Graphical C. The back wheels were left drive and right drive in “set up”. So when he pressed E/up it would go one way and E/down it would go the other.

Hope this helps. He doesn’t get his programming skills from his mama, that is for sure.

Thank you so much Claymarks. We will have the first competition on november and we dont have our robot for that. It is our first time in Vex competition

Since Sam wrote a program in Python to do just what you need, why not try Robot Mesh Studio (, which is free? There is no problem with downloading different kinds of programs to your IQ Brain, every download is unique. The only thing you cannot do is have different kinds of programs downloaded at the same time. You don’t have to use RM Studio all the time, but it would solve your Kiwibot problem.

Hi, we are a new team also and my teams have built a Kiwi and a H-drive. Both with omni wheels. Did you have success with Graphical RObotC or did you switch programming? We are struggling with the programming for the drives. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Both teams and myself have googled and help searched to no avail. Thank you.