Programming/robot skills winner does not qualify for worlds?

With the top 50 teams in the world going to the worlds, i would think at the state level, the robot/programming skills winner would qualify for worlds. This not the case in northern NY state championship. You only qualify for the united states championship which you qualify by winning a tournament during the regular season anyways.
Seems odd.

It depends on the number of state slots to Worlds your region gets. For example, in South Carolina, we get 9 slots to Worlds. This corresponds to the following awards: Tourney Champs, Tourney Finalists, Robot Skills winner and Excellence Award for Middle and High School. Refer to this document for information on what numbers of slots correspond to awards, and contact your regional RECF rep for the number of original, and “bonus” slots you were awarded

There is NO United States Championship. There is an event put on by the CREATE Foundation in Omaha, Nebraska that used to be called the U.S. Nationals and many people still call it Nationals. It it not a qualifying event for Worlds.
Whether or not the top Robot Skills from your state/region is invited to Worlds largely depends on the number of slots that your state/region has. For example, a state/region might have 8 slots for Worlds. The first 5 would go to the Excellence Award winner, the Design Award winner, the 3 teams in the Tournament Champion alliance and the Tournament Finalist alliance. Should either the one of the Tournament Champions or Tournament Finalists also be the Excellence or Design Award winner, then next invitation or invitations goes to the team (or teams) with the highest Robot Skills score in the state/region among those whom are not one of the above.

It might the tie breaker. We forgot if you win the tournament and excellence award, then you would take the winner of skills to fill the slots.
I meant Create tournament in Iowa.