Programming Rule Question Vex IQ

A few questions about the rules with programming skills.

  • Does the robot have to come to a complete stop before drivers can move it to another location?

  • Is there a limit to the number of slots that can be used in one skills event? For example, can a driver run a program from slot 1, then pick up robot and move to another location and run the program from slot 2?

First off, welcome to the Forum.

The answers to your questions are in the game manual available here:

On page 30 you will find <RSC7> Handling Robots during a Programming Skills Match.

Understand that the game manual defines the rules - what you can and cannot do. If there isn’t a rule saying that you cannot do an action then it is safe to assume that you can. It is also good for a team to have full knowledge of the rules so they can defend their position when talking with officials.