Programming scores not showing up in the event results

Team 1840a participated in the 2nd Annual Northern California Bay Area VEX IQ Tournament yesterday, ( They participated in the programming event and scored 24 point - not enough to win. However, when I look at the official results, I do not see 1840a listed in the programming skills.

Unlike other tournaments that we participated in previously, robot skills and programming scores were not shown to you throughout the tournament - we only saw/heard the final award presentation, and never had a chance to see how everyone else was doing. This also meant that we never got a chance to challenge a score not being registered.

Is it still possible to have the score officially registered?


1840a Mentor

I know they’ve been having problems with the web site after a resent update, but this does not appear to be the same issue.

I would contact the tournament director (Debbi Salom, on the web site) and talk to her.


Thanks Steve - I have reached out to Debbi - she has found our score sheet and everything looks correct, so I am hoping the results will be logged soon. Thanks,

Good to hear.