Programming sensors help

How do I program an ultrasonic range finder of which the robot will constantly check its values for throughout its run time? For example, I have multiple urfs on sides of the robot. If the front URF receives a value of <25 it will go backwards, turn right, go straight, turn left, and then continue going straight to manuever around an object(using an until or if statement). But I want to be checking the urf values of the other 2 constantly throughout that too but it seems it can’t until it finishes doing the steps for the original if or until statement.

Seeing your code would be helpful, but if you are using RobotC it sounds like you need to use tasks. Multiple tasks can run simultaneously, so you can check the values of the other 2 URFs while your robot is moving.

I wrote an article on this (yes, shocker), which includes a description of how multiple ultrasonic sensors work/take turns on one robot; might be helpful in your thinking/planning: