Programming setpoint for autonomous

Can someone help with coding? We can’t figure out how to create a set point for the arm at the beginning of our autonomous program. To avoid error we are trying to create the exact same start arm position so when the program begins and the arm cycles through its movements through the program it is able to grab and stack hubs at the same exact position each time. As of now we have been doing it manually and sometimes the arm is not set properly and approaches the yellow hub to high or too low and knocks it off or misses a stack due to the arm placement .

The standard IQ clawbot build uses a bumpSensor to stop armDown. An armDown at start of program, using bumpSensor to stop will give a better origin. Then you can use absolute, not relative, encoder-based moves. Details depend on your programming environment/language.

If you can’t use bumpSensor, can still do the same using the time to stop, just keep it short to avoid motor stall/strain.

If you have an attempt that has problems, please show us your code.

Which language are you using?

We are using robots graphical.

We are using RobotC graphical

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I know this last is your previous post, but I included it (without knowing if you are using the idea of watching the encoder values) to show others who might search for answers and land here.
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Show code you have so far, if still having trouble.
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Yes… code or ode modifications did not work. I am beginning to wonder if this is something that can be done with my robot set-up. I will get the code that I am working with and pste it up here.