Programming Skills and the Driver Station


From the rules:
<PSC1> A team may handle their Robot as many times as they want during a Programming Skills Match.

From the definitions:
Driver Station – The region behind the Field, where the Drivers must remain during their Match, unless legally interacting with their Robot.

Consider the following:
There are a couple of kids from a team, one on either side of the table. The student on the far side of the table (not in the driver station) only retrieves the robot and passes it back to the student in the driver station. They have to do this a couple of times, so the other student stays on the other side of the table the entire time, from start to finish. The student not in the driver station is only there to legally interact with the robot.

Is this OK, or should the other student start in the driver station and return once they are done? We allowed a student to stay on the other side of the table at a recent event because we didn’t want the kids tripping or bumping the table as they went around.


As per the above quoted definition, Drivers must remain in the Driver Station, unless legally interacting with their Robot.