Programming Skills Challenge in Redmond?

Will the contest in Redmond be holding the Programming Skills challenge?

I heard that they would, then there were rumors that they wouldn’t.
I would really appreciate another shot at it, even if there is only one round. I have been working really hard on my program and would be happy even if it was held during lunchtime.

Thanks for your interest! When we had only 16 teams coming, it was going to be no problem to fit in the programming challenge. We are really limited for audience space and with 20 teams signed up (and a couple on the waiting list) we are trying to figure out a schedule where we can do the tournament and the challenge(s) with only two fields. RIght now, we’re talking about a long lunch break with the challenge(s) going during the break. What do you think?

I’m the tournament event director, by the way.

Anytime during the day is fine for me. So I will expect it to happen, and go looking for some optical shaft encoders…

BTW, Mr. Ablett says Hi.

Your screen name (CutiePi) is especially appropriate for the March tournament. It’s on Pi day: 3.14!

Will you have a new unicorn?

Question to Rick Tyler… :slight_smile:

On the competition page for your Seattle, Washington tournament… It says that there “will” be a programming challenge. But as I read on to the awards section, will there be no award for the winning team of the programming challenge? Because it did not mention about the programming challenge awards.

Thank you.


The ways of the Robotevents Website are mysterious indeed!

Actually, there was a problem when we thought we would only have one field. Thanks to our friends in Vancouver, we HAVE two fields and are going to hold both Programming AND Driver’s challenges next Saturday.

What team are you with?

I attend Gladstone Secondary =)