Programming skills challenge

What is the highest prgramming skills challenge you’ve seen?

With ~6 hours of programming and testing we were able to get 44 pretty consistently. We’re hoping to have much more than that by April.


EDIT: got a 45. Although the field was set up wrong, they still did a really good job.

44 is sticking in my brain. That’s what I seem to remember 394 having in the Hawaii tournaments way back in December. As much as I’d love to lay claim to that 45, the field wasn’t set up right.

As of today, 85 points at the U.S. Nationals (

Haha, knew it.


Thanks for the link to that site titan.
What will be more interesting than the programming side challenge at nationals will be the Robot Skills, with you barely edging out 3141 right now :slight_smile:

10 DAH (David) is being coy. They are 10A: an all-rookie 10th grade team that just ripped off a series of runs in the <secret, but definitely not 1103> range today in practice. Watch out for these guys in the future. They have a great work ethic and never give up.

I’ll let them share their scores if they want to.

Well, all rookies but one. I’m actually most envious of 10A because they’re extremely hardworking, and have a nice and consistent autonomous run…and aren’t building a completely new robot at the last second before a major upcoming competition. What team would be crazy enough to do that?

Aha! Someone beat us! Wait until the driver hears this…

Titan, if you wanted to convince us to work harder, you couldn’t have done a better job… (well, OK, maybe if you had cracked 121.) See you at Worlds!

Thank you. That means a lot coming from you, Mr. Tyler.