Programming Skills Programming

How do I create a program for programming skills with RobotC? I can’t find a specific code file that can be used for programming skills. My team has our competition code, with an autonomous and a user-control. Does the programming skills program go in the same file, or in a different one? If it goes in a different one, then does it have to go into a specific type of file, and, if so, how do I create it?

programming skills is treated in the same way as the autonomous period of a match, except that it lasts for 60 seconds rather than 15. You can organize the code for programming skills in a number of ways.

  1. Have a dedicated program that you download into the cortex, place the programming skills code in the autonomous task. You must make sure that you reload your competition code after doing any programming skills runs.

  2. Treat the programming skills code as another autonomous routine that you can select and add it to your competition code. You will need a way to select it when performing a programming skills run. You could use a simple jumper placed into a digital port or something more complex such as the LCD screen to select your programming skills code.