Programming Skills Question

I have a quick question about the programming skills setup this year. I know that only the top 30 qualify for worlds but how long do we have until they stop letting people get into the top 30? I have not yet found a date. The list on Robotevents only says that the green shows who would qualify if the season ended today but there is no specific date. Does anyone know when this date is exactly. thank you.


Skills Challenge World Championship Qualifying Spots

**Skills rankings for all event levels will be included in the VRC global rankings (used for qualifying spots to the World Championship and National Championships such as the US Championship)
**As of March 4, 2012 the top 30 team scores in both the Programming Skills and Robot Skills Challenges will earn a qualifying spot to the 2012 VRC World Championship

You can find all of the 2012 World Championship Qualifying Criteria here:

Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.