Programming Skills start position

Which side of the field is considered the “top” for the Programming Skills start position? In the manual, all pictures show an overhead view of the field. If you follow this picture the top left corner start tile would be the side closest to the drivers’ station. Or is the top of the field from the driver’s perspective - in other words the long side closest to the audience? (this is how it appears in the game video) Please clarify as we are hosting a tournament on Saturday.

Also, if you access the game manual thru the Education Drop down menu - VEX IQ Curriculum & follow the links to the manual, you get a 5/13 version of the manual. If you access the game manual thru the Wiki site links you get a 9/13 version of the manual. The rules have changed slightly so people are getting confused. Please check. Thank you.

The “top” is referring to the long side of the field which is closed to the top of the page in the images shown in the Game Manual.

Thanks for letting us know about the link to the manual. The manual on the curriculum page has been updated to the current 9/4/13 version.