Programming software for V5

hi I was wondering what programing software would be easy to use for beginners.

There are only three different software which are commonly being used for the V5. Pros which is slightly more difficult to use, but is more advanced, and Vexcode, which is more basic, and easier to use. And there’s also robot mesh studio.

We at Robot Mesh did an implementation of Blockly for V5 last year: link to try it. It generates Python code on the back end, which is another fairly beginner-friendly text-based language. You can switch from writing Blockly to writing Python with just a few clicks once you’re ready to leave blocks behind.


VEXcode V5 Blocks is the official free software from VEX Robotics for beginning users with the V5 platform. It contains built-in help, built-in tutorial videos, and a number of example projects to help you get started. It is also competition legal and includes a competition template as well. Also, the free STEM Labs available at are all aligned to VEXcode to help guild new users in the programming of their V5 robots.

We are continually adding more example, tutorials, and STEM Labs to make it easier for new users to get started.


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