Programming Split Arcade Issue

I’m programming a drive base for split arcade. The left joystick is for forward and backwards and that works fine. My right joystick for left and right is having some problems. It won’t turn the robot when the joystick is at exactly 90°. I have to go slightly diagonal for it to turn correctly. I have tried recalibration but didn’t work. If needed I can paste my code, but any help is appreciated.

yesh, posting your code would be helpful. Be sure you format it in the post so it isn’t just jumbled text.

Remember that split arcade means that only one axis on each joystick should be in your code.

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Hey, thank you so much for being willing to help. I actually just figured it out. What happened was when switching from tank to split arcade I only switched the axis in the manual control portion and forgot to change the axis for my braking system! Silly mistake that took longer than it should have to fix. Anyways thanks!

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