programming status

I have been having trouble uploading a program onto my robot. the robot is told to add 1 to a variable, go through a set of commands based on what the value of the variable is. Whenever I download this program, the program status led on the robot starts flashing red. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?(Note: I cannot simply string these commands together without using the repeat because this is a test for a part of a larger program that i’m building)

try putting a 100ms wait in the loop.
Also use var++ to add one to your variable.

what is “var++”? And if it is helpful, then why dosn’t the manuel cover this topic? and also, how would this help get my robot to stop flashing a red light above the words “program status”?

Var++ the “++” incements the variable “var” by one each loop.

The help file is way better then the manual.

When the PGRM LED flashes RED, there is a User Violation occurring. Load default code into the Vex Controller and the problem should be cleared. Now change one thing at a time to convert the default code to your present code and download it to the Vex Controller. When you see the flashing Red LED again, you know that the last section of code that was changed is where a User Violation has occurred.

What is a user violation?