Programming Step Motors(not really) BEST, copied from EasyC forum

eloveless writes in the EasyC official support forum:

There is only one guy answering EasyC official support, so I copied this here where many “someones” can respond. Posting in the BEST forum might also be useful, although maybe not, since its not very active.

BEST uses standard Futaba servos (The little black motors).
You were recently mis-informed, they are not continuous rotation servos.
You were recently mis-informed, they are not stepper motors.
They are standard hobby RC servos with a tiny DC motor and gearbox inside, along with a analog potentiometer for feedback, and a tiny computer chip to drive the DC motor so that the analog potentiometer inside is comparable to the PWM signal provided to it.
There are reports on the web that standard hobby RC servos like these can be hacked into continuous rotation, but such physical hacking is not allowed for BEST, so I won’t mention it.
With complex software hackery of the type that only 2-3 people on the forum can manage, it might be possible to increase the range from +/-45 degrees to +/- 60 degrees, but still not continuous rotation.
Good luck in WarpXX. Can your student’s robot climb the tower yet?
Any problem understanding the WarpXX default program?