Programming the Controller

We received our starter kit today and are very excited. Our team is wanting to build an omni-directional driving base that requires 3 motors. We need to program the controller. What are the currently available options for doing this? Robot C? Modkit? TIA.

Hi Jason,
As you probably know, VEX Robotics works closely with outside partners who develop programming software for our systems. As you mentioned, we are working with a number of partners to provide options for the new VEX IQ Robot Brain (including ROBOTC, and MODKIT – both of whom presented at the VEX IQ Unveiling in April at the VEX World Championship).

While I cannot speak for these outside companies, I know they are trying to get things released before school starts (sometime in August)*. VEX Robotics Engineering has been working with them, and we’re VERY excited about what is coming. Both companies have been doing fantastic work to make programming even more accessible to the younger VEX IQ students.

Take Care,

    • I’m sure they’d want to release even sooner, but they’ve been patiently waiting on us for final interface details on how to use our new technology.

Hi Jason,

Great news - both ROBOTC 4.0 (preview version) and Modkit for VEX (free, web-based version) are now available.

Find out more about both programming options at