Programming the Cortex

Hi All…

The Vex equipment I acquired didn’t have the programming cable/adapter or software. Can I program the Cortex without the little orange adapter? I have a USB A-A cable. (What does that adapter do anyhow?)
Eventually I want to experiment with wireless control but my first goal is to have my 'Bot wander around autonomously carrying a camera or other devices.
I have the “official” programming kit coming but it won’t be here for a while and I’m anxious to get started.

Just wanting to learn.


I believe that you should be fine with just the USB A-A cable. It’s been a long time since I’ve done cortex but that is what probably is going to work. The little orange adapter is optional. You use it monitor the values of motors and sensors since the cortex doesn’t have a screen unless you buy the screen.


Hey Mr. Royale… Thank you!

I thought it might like one of those hardware security devices that some software came with eons ago. Yeah I’m =that= old. :slight_smile:

I’ll have to get the chassis powered up and start play… er, I mean experimenting.

Thanks again!


For the sake of cementing certainty, I am vouching that using a USB A-A cable from the Cortex to the Computer is completely safe as we have done that over the entirety of my 8th grade during Nothing But Net season

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The LCD display is discontinued so the only way to see sensor values is via the programming application, or by finding someone who has an LCD display.

The programming adaptor goes between your computer and the Joystick. You can then program wirelessly over the radio connection.
There are two advantages, one is that yoi dont have to keep removing and reinserting the VEXnet key into the Cortex and the other is that you can debug data back to your PC screen.

Using just the A-A is fine though, you just lose the ability to debug whilst using the joystick.