Programming Training Videos

  1. What are the best training videos to watch for beginning programmers?
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There are more viable formats than just video.

Assuming you are trying to program in C++: is generally pretty good.

The New Boston’s videos are generally pretty decent too, but I’m not sure specifically about C++ videos.


If you have literally no coding experience, start out with blocks. It will solidify an understanding of what you will need to know for Vex specifically without having to worry about syntax or semantics. Then after you effectively get your robot working using blocks, switch over to text based. Ideally you want to move away from blocks asap if you have no coding experience which should be easy to do.


For program vex robots it is general program concepts like variables, loops, function, if statements, … that are used, not matter what program you use code and upload. The only addition for vex robots is some commands (library) for accessing v5 features, like motors and screen.

Since most of the editors, PROS and VEXcode, use c++ your best bet, like other have already said, is learn c++, for which you can find lots of tutorials online for. After that additional stuff added for programming vex robots should be fairly simple learn and understand.

An alternative you have is to use blocks which is much more basic, but have the core concepts of most programming languages. When I was learning, I never really used blocks, but they can probably be a great stepping stone into programming.


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