Programming Two LCD Displays

Hello World! First time post here. Anyways I was wanting to create an in-depth menu system using the vex LCD displays and buttons. I noticed that this was possible from the two UART ports that can be used with the vex cortex. However whenever I went into RobotC and looked at the library for the LCD Display there wasn’t any parameters for which port to use. How would you specify which one to use? Especially if you are programming with the buttons on the two different displays. What I am wanting to do is have one LCD be used for a main LCD with general topics then get more specific with the second LCD. Both of these would utilize their buttons. If you could post some sample code of how this could be done, that would be amazing. By the way I am using version 4.32 if that is of any help. Thanks! :smiley:

Here is a git repo of the most updated version of Mr. Pearman’s code that enables the use of a second LCD display: GitHub - jpearman/vexLcdLib: A library and demo that allows use of a second LCD display on the VEX cortex

OMG! That is amazing. JPearman saves the day again. Thank you so much for this. It’s going to make programming this possible. So how would this go into my program? I see you have to include the lcdLib but what do I do with that. Do I download it or something. I am kind of new to libraries and OOP programming. Also thank you for the very quick reply. :slight_smile:

Download everything. Then read through the sample code attached. This will give an example of how to include and call the functions.

Thank you for the help! I am now starting to program with it and soon I will have access to a Cortex and LCD screens. The methods in the library are pretty straight forward. Also what I meant by what I do with the library was where do I put it so RobotC can access it. I got it figured out though. I just put it with all the other libraries in the RobotC folder. Thanks again!