Programming using other software

Hey guys,

I’m wondering if there’s any compilers out there for the cortex. I usually program in Eclipse and I would prefer that environment for programming rather than EasyC or RobotC.


try PROS. It’s what I’m currently using.

or if your confidant in your ability to do so try ConVEX, but it’s for more advanced users.

oh and BTW, both of these are free :D](

Yep, +1 to both PROS and Convex. Both are great

They are pretty much the only other options.

Awesome! I’ll take a look at that soon. Thanks for your help guys!

I would definitely recommend PROS considering it implements eclipse. Excellent product!

From another thread.

I used PROS last year and being able to code in normal C and eclipse was definitely a great plus, but it does have some disadvantages as well. A notable one is debugging, RobotC lets you see global variables and sensor values in a dock which makes debugging very easy. PROS lets you print statements to a console which works but is comparatively slow and cumbersome. ConVEX has Apollo for real time sensor and motor values, but having never used it I can’t comment on it.

I’ve tried PROS and I like it so far. I’ll also give conVEX a try tomorrow when I get close to a robot :stuck_out_tongue:

Just add it to the PROS environment. They are similar but the ConVEX library is open source.

I added it to PROs and will try to program something soon