Programming v5 please help

so i have a v4 cortex and i am doing tower takeover i have a 4 motor 4 wheel chassis and i used a tank 4 motor on easyc and my robot keeps spinning in circles then i need two motors for the arms can anyone help me with my programming, or give me a sample one to try my competition is march 27th and i don’t have a lot of time


that is the program in easyC v5 cortex

Could you post your code so we can see what is wrong. Also you need to make sure to check if certain motors are reversed or not.

You need to reverse one side of the robot. Because the motors are mirroring each other, you need to reverse one side. Do this either in motor/sensor setup, or add a - before the command to power one side of the robot.

Is this already built? What do you need help with here?

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I think she needs to know how to program 2 motors that are on her robot’s arms. I think she needs help, because the code is different then tank drive.

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Ah okay. Lemme check the EasyC docs real quick.

@aaliyah what version of easyC are you using?

It appears as if easyC docs are hard to find. Might I recommend switching to RobotC? It is fairly simple to learn, and there are many good tutorials from Carnegie-Mellon Robotics Academy.

What ports are your motors in? I could help you get your program set up if you use RobotC. In addition, it would give an introduction to real, text-based programming. Use RobotC text, NOT RobotC graphical. It’s free.

yes the arm is already built i need to tie it into the programming

i can do that and post it

v5 i think i can double check

Very few people continue to use EasyC. Docs appear to be nonexistent. We can’t really help you with programming if you continue to use EasyC. I strongly recommend you switch to RobotC for Cortex.

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ok thank you for that advice i have never usen that program before

it is easy c v5 for the cortex

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ok thank you and my chassis motors are in ports 2-6 and the arm and claw are in 7 and 8

Are you going to be switching to RobotC? I can get your code to where you describe it now to give you a good starting point.

By 2-6, do you mean 2 and 6, or 2,3,4,5 and 6? How many chassis motors are there?

4 chassis motors 2,3,4,5, yes sorry and 6 and 7 for the claw and arm and i will switch to robot c and try it

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Are 2 and 3 the Right side, Left side, Front side, or Back side? Claw is 6, Arms are 7 and 8?

2,3 left 4,5 are the right ones 6 is the claw open and close and 7 is the arm up and down

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Ok, thanks. I will get to it when I can.

ok thank you i have to go to lunch in a minute anyway

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