Programming Wirelessly

Programming wirelessly through Vexnet using this can be extremely useful esspecially when the robot has to go across the field for programming skills. When downloading wirelessly I’m sure that I am not the only one that frequently gets this error message.

Another error that occurs fairly frequently it this error.
This is probably the most frustrating error since it requires the programmer to re-download the cortex firmware. When you re-download the firmware it gives this message on what went wrong.
I’m not sure what the “Bulk System Parms” are but, I am curious about what they are because I can’t find any other reference to them.

The last error is this one although it is by far the most rare.

This one might just be my code but, I only get it when I download wirelessly. It highlights a random line of code each time.

Has anyone found a solution to any or all of these errors or at least a way to reduce the chance of them happening? I relize that you can just plug directly into the cortex to fix the problems but, it can be difficult to watch what the robot is doing and chase it around.


I’m inclined to suggest updating firmware (on at least the Cortex).

I’m using the current version. (4.25)

I’m not sure then. Perhaps @jpearman can shed some light on the situation.

Okay I’m assuming you follow all these steps but I am going to list them just in case you are missing one.

  1. Update both vexnet 2.0 keys
  2. Update master firmware on cortex
  3. Update ROBOTC firmware on cortex
  4. Update joystick firmware
  5. Ensure the joystick has line of sight to the cortex and that the vexnet key is exposed and not in the middle of the robot.

You are running the newest ROBOTC right?