Programming with Python/Java

Hello I was wondering if I could still program with python or java. I am able to do both but is it optional?

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There is Python and C++ for V5 coding and for Robot Mesh there is a beta form of JavaScript

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You are able to program with python using VEXcode V5, I do also believe that you can program with Java I just don’t know how.

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@QuickFang beat me to it:)

Java is not available as a language on any VEX platform.

Python is available in VEXcode for V5 and IQ generation 2. Python is also available in RobotMesh studio. RobotMesh also offers Javascript in beta form for V5, Java and Javascript are quite different.


Java is a programming language while JavaScript is a scripting language.

Scripting is developing code on top of existing software while programming is developing software.

Plz do correct me if I’m wrong

Unless you’re writing machine code by hand, all software is built on top of existing software.

Wikipedia has the following to say about “scripting languages”:

A scripting language or script language is a programming language for a runtime system that automates the execution of tasks that would otherwise be performed individually by a human operator. Scripting languages are usually interpreted at runtime rather than compiled.

But IMO that distinction means less now than it used to – Javascript and Python, originally designed for fairly narrow, “scripting”-type applications, are the world’s two most popular programming languages, and used for a wide variety of applications.


I believe I missed this fact, thank you for the clarification.