:confused: Please vote.
Do you find it impossible to work with vex without the programmer? Would you rather get more vex and then program it or do you never want to get the programmer…ect,ect…:confused:

I ordered the programer today.

I have EasyC Pro but I do not have the orange “programmer”… I want one though.

i find the programming kit as useful as a human brain to ones’ self. my robots would not function without it.:slight_smile:

i do want to get EasyC pro though…

Even if it is difficult to work with, if you look at the top of your page there is a code bank.

This solves problems with programming difficulty, but exploring your own code is often more educational.

I think that vex could have gone a better direction with the programming system personally. Microchip has PIC chips with built in USB. It would have been a simple thing to use one of those as the master controller chip then the programmer hardware would be nothing more than a USB cable. This would have cut the price of the programmer kit by about 30 dollars and not raised the hardware cost of the VEX controller itself by more than a couple of dollars at most.


Ray Moore

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