I was recently looking into the programming kits available for vex, but I found that the prices were somewhat ridiculous (since I am a student, of course). I am wondering if there is any sort of free programming API that could be used instead of the ones sold through vex?



I believe that Mplab is free, although you still need the programming hard-ware (orange cable).

Check out this thread:

I hope that will help.

If I download MpLab, does it come with all the required headers and libraries to develop for VEX? If not, are those available for download free, as well?

Yes the Vex header files and libraries are available as a download from the Vex site. They are located here You need to download the Vex Starter Code folder which contains all the files you need to get started with MPLAB.


Thanks. This helps a lot.

I’d like to recommend the WPILibrary as a great place to start. They are a little easier to use than the basic Vex libs. A simple drive the 'bot program is about 10 lines of code.