Hello, I have worked with easy c v2 in the past, and I just upgraded to easyc v4, but when I make a user control/autonomous program, it either works without end, or just goes straight to user control. The program I am using is the latest version of easy c for Cortex, thanks for any help :cool:

Any Help would be gratefully accepted

make sure you are using the competition switch simulator in the tools on the menu bar of Easy CV4. you can engage autonomous and operator control from that switch. make sure that the serial cable is attached to your controller and the controller is linked to the robot via vexnet or tether. see if that helps at all.

Alright so I have been trying the competition switch simulator, but I cant seem to get it to work, what is the set up for it? Does the Serial cable go from the computer to the remote?

Yes. The serial programming cable goes from your computer to the controller. Make sure the controller links with the bot. when it does it should have 3 solid green lights.

What were you trying that was not working?