Seeing 1103 getting two world programming champion , this really amazes me. Does anyone know how to enable your programming to be very consistent ? Can someone enlighten me on how to be consistent in programming ? Thanks alot

sensors and lots of practice. And make sure that you are putting your robot in the same place every time. 1103 semi-finals anyone? so sad

Make sure to use fresh newly charged batteries every time you try, because most likely in competition you will be using new batteries, also you don’t have to do this but you could put anti-static spray on the fields so that it will simulate the worlds fields. My team didn’t do the programming skills challenge at worlds but in the regular matches our motors overheated. You don’t have to put on the anti-static spray but its just a suggestion.

Do anybody know of some free online tutorials for programming in Easy C V4 for the Cortex.

Open File, then open, and then click on the lower left box that says tutorials, and start on tutorial number 1. That is one option but the only other that i have seen is youtube.

Yes , indeed it is true about the sensors. Having sensors do indeed help but doing lots of practice does not . When my team does programming , we kept plugging the download cable out then putting back in which loosen our usb slot in the brain which is not good. Although we did what we practice many times , the robot will move differently each time due to inertia which make my robot slant when starting. However 1103 have been consistent except for the semi-finals.

Practice most definitely helps. There is no need to keep unplugging the download cable. Simply leave it in, connect to a competition switch and then enable/disable autonomous at will. The way to keep the robot from moving differently at the start is to make sure you do not have it running at full speed at the beginning. Try having it start at 50 power and then work its way up to something like 100 power. This way the robot does not twitch as much.

I will definitely try that . Thanks alot

Always have a rock solid robot built; ex. symmetrically built drive trains, no loose parts, etc. Once this is done, programming (practice, practice, pracccctice) will take you far! Good luck.