I created a basic program to control my robot. For some reason i have to push my left intake button(s) Btn6U or Btn6D] along with my right intake button(s) [Btn5U or Btn5D] to make my right intake work. How can i fix to were Btn6s work only for left and the right intake runs when i only push buttons 5? Is it a physical/ mechanical problem or a programming error? Any help is greatly thanked.

In line 23, which is the else portion of your left intake section, you set motor[RightIntake] to 0. If the 2 previous statements (vexRT[Btn6U] & vexRT[Btn6D]) evaluate to false (not pressed), the RightIntake motor receives 0 power.

Also, motor names should have brackets ], not parentheses ( ).

Thanks that totally slipped by me.