Is there a way to upload code remotely like with the cortex we had the programming module that was plugged into the joystick?

I assume you mean on V5, and no, there is currently no easy way to do so. **

Not officially. I and several others have been using DIY solutions however. I use a raspberry pi; I build a Program on my computer, transfer the binaries to the pi, and then upload from there. It isn’t that complicated, it just requires some basic knowledge of linux and ssh. The pi is pretty cheap too.

Any links to help with that i was thinking about doing that? im assuming your using pros?

Correct, I have a script that runs prosv5 make on my laptop then uses pscp (from PuTTY) to transfer the project.pros file and the bin folder to the pi. I then use putty with the -m flag to execute prosv5 upload on the pi.

The biggest issue you will have to deal with is updating python, since raspbian comes with Python 3.5 and Pros needs at least Python 3.6. I ended up having to build it myself, which took a while (point a fan at the pi).

This all should also theoretically be possible with VCS, but why