Programs disappearing from the brain

Programs stay on the brain just for one run, after loaded from the computer. When I try to run them again from the brain, I get the error message “Menu is empty”. Previously, I was able to run the same programs from the brain multiple times. Is the brain defective?

When attempting to download the program again, got the error message in the attachment…


Which version of ROBOTC is being used? This was a particular issue in the Preview builds but has been resolved in the latest live build, 4.05; you can check the version of ROBOTC for VEX Robotics you are using by navigating to the ‘Help -> About ROBOTC’ menu and viewing the version number in the bottom left corner (below). You can download the latest build of ROBOTC for VEX Robotics directly from our downloads page, .


RobotC version 10.05, build 4.05; brain, motor and sensor firmware 1.07.

Another thing that could be causing this particular issue is when a tele-op program is downloaded to the IQ without the IQ Joystick Controller connected to the IQ brain. Does the problem persist when the joystick controller is connected to the IQ brain, or when the program is switched to Autonomous via the ‘Robot -> VEX IQ Controller Mode’ menu option?


Connecting the joystick didn’t make any difference. After switching to Autonomous under Robot->VEX IQ, the programs stays on the brain, but in the Auto folder. This still works for me. Thanks.

This issue should be resolved with ROBOTC 4.06 - we’re fixed a number of issues with downloading to the VEX IQ brain. Please let us know if the update does not resolve this issue.

More information on the 4.06 update can be found here: