Progressive banding

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I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for the best method to use to progressive band a motor? I want to make sure that I maximize the amount of torque I can get from the motor and also make sure the motor doesn’t have to work too hard. I don’t know a lot about progressive banding, so any advice would be great.


What is progressive banding?

Using rubber bands to assist the motors to increase strength and decrease work.

You can search for rubber banding on the forums and that should give you a good starting place on how to rubber band whatever it is you need to. Also what are you using the rubber banding for?

Increasing the motor strength without changing the gear ratio

For which mechanism/s?

For our tray tilter.

You cannot just increase strength, it would require energy, once a rubber band has unstretched it released all its energy. You can however use them for counteracting gravity.

Awesome, thanks. So we should change the gear ratio rather than add rubber bands?

Ok you would probably want rubber banding to pull the tray up. Sort of like a 2 bar system. image The red line is the rubber band.

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Compared to motor without rubber bands, the system has a greater energy capacity. The motor does work to stretch the rubber band, thus storing energy in it to increase force when it runs in the other direction.

Thus, when working against gravity (e.g. a lift, tilter, etc.) one uses rubber bands to dampen a portion of the gravitational force, as it is acting in the opposite direction of your desired travel only when you are “lifting” upwards (against gravity).