Project Charitas, a Way to Donate to Charity While in Quarantine

Hey guys I’m John, head programmer from team 36830C/36830Z. You may know me from the Auburn Dynamics Robotics videos, where I explained how a planetary gearset worked, made a tutorial on how to setup git in pros, or made an early concept vision sensor tracking algorithm. Recently I founded a new charity donation tool named Charitas. Essentially, Charitas utilizes your unused computing power and donates it to charity via the mining of cryptocurrency. We donate every month to a roster of four charities including American Red Cross, No Kid Hungry, United Way, and Direct Relief. This allows the program to have a very wide umbrella of impact including disaster relief and poverty prevention. As far as the specific technical details of the program, we mine to three YIIMP based pools that auto convert the mined tokens into bitcoin for payout. We then automatically split up the money that we get on the first of every month across all four of our charities.

Now the astute among you will realize that fraudulent behavior could be very easy to perform in a program like this, so we have taken multiple steps to make the donation process as seamless and transparent as possible. This includes making all of our code opensource, which allows anybody to review our code for hidden functions or otherwise. We also have a public ledger and are in the process of applying for a 501c3 governmental recognition as a national nonprofit. We are ready to go into the beta version of our official launch and I would appreciate it a ton if you guys could check it out. I look forward to any feedback you have about the website and or program!

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