PROJECT Elevator Vex Robotics / Elevador Mecânico

Elevator Vex Robotics / Elevador Mecânico

This is a project developed to work manufacturing cell concepts on a small scale. This mechanism is the representation of an elevator for transporting parts in a given production cell, the overall project consists of 5 sections this is the first part in which I am providing the Autodesk Gallery.

I’ll be providing the other parties in the near future, we await feedback from everyone !!

Until then, new updates are coming!



I don’t know about everyone but this is some good looking CAD! How are you finding Fusion 360 for VEX parts? Easy? Hard? Could be better?

Hello! Yerayrobotics
I’m currently working with the Fusion 360 CAD projects for Vex, I’m not having trouble, just a few details :slight_smile:

That’s nice to know! I’m just having a few bumps while creating an ENTIRE robot assembly (including chains and screws with nuts). It gets choppy and sometimes unresponsive. Maybe I should upgrade my RAM or something.

Yes, for large-scale work it is necessary a good computer architecture for the development of the project. Good luck in your buildings, I’m here for any questions.

Or you might have integrated graphics. Seriously, those things are a bane…

Really you shouldn’t do chain and only do screws and nuts where spacing requires explanation.

I actually have a GTX 970 paired with i5 6th but only 8GB RAM. Integrated graphics is a no go.

I initially did chains to make sure there are no structures that coincides the path of the chain. I might hide the chain now that I got it all done and increase performance.

While I don’t want to go a bit off-topic with the thread, I just want to say that I look forward this project be completed!

Ahh, yes. But 8gb ram shouldn’t hurt you that much. I don’t see why it would? Have you checked what your ram usage is when you are using the software?