project ideas

Will they ever have a available a book/phamplet on vex project ideas. Especially one that is for the starter kit parts?
Anyone know.

you’ve made 2 posts about this…and I doubt it, Vex is about being creative, look for real life examples of things and try to replicate them with vex. And with only the starter kit, you cant make many things some things you could make are:
-the 4 wheeled rock crawler with rubberband suspension someone posted on here…
-a 2 wheel bot using the 2 knobby wheels
-a 4 wheel bot with a rubber band gatling gun on the top
-a grabber using some cut 1x25 metal pieces and a servo or motor
-a fork lift
-independent suspension drive train

just some of my suggestions

Thanks for response. I did do a forklift. Looking at bulldozer presently. Will take a look around, like you said its about being able to dream up things.