Project Management Application

Are there any applications or online tools that we can use for Project Management that students under the age of 13 can use? I have looked at Asana, Glasscubes, Smartsheets, etc. But I am running into the age issue and Personal Identity.

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I personally believe that Trello and Jira by Altissian are both great!

Our high school teams use project Libre which is an open-source version of Microsoft project. there are tutorials on youtube, and they (the HS students) seem to be working it well (down to 9th grade). We haven’t tried it with Middle School kids or younger, but it might be worth a shot, and doesn’t cost anything.

SIGBots and the PROS team use our own instance of Phabricator. It’s great for managing, assigning, and keeping track of tasks, and it lets you host source code privately. To be free, it does require you to host your own server, although Phacility offers it as a PaaS. Phabricator is also pretty lighthearted about itself.

Awesome. Thanks everyone for the tips. I will check these out and see which one is the best fit for us.

Did you consider going Old School(*) with a long piece of newsprint/brown paper with the weeks across the long edge and post-it notes for tasks? Post-its come in multiple colors so you can break them down by type of task (green mechanical, blue code, etc).

Makes it easy for them to move the schedule around, see dependencies, etc.

The key to project management is having a decent breakdown of the tasks making them small enough that they can be sized. ie Build Robot is a bad task.

(* Of course when I did my PM training with the Egyptians building pyramids we didn’t have those new fangled things, we had to do with moving clay tablets around. )