Project Manager for Multiple Teams

What is the verdict on having a Project Manager for multiple teams? I’ve read through forums and the rules but am not 100% sure on what I’m looking for. Here is the breakdown of our program.
6-7 Competing Teams (7th and 8th graders)
2-3 Apprentice Teams (6th graders)
Each team has 3-4 members sharing the roles.

Question is…can we have 3-4 student project managers overseeing the production of the teams? So, ProjMan A works with teams A,B,C. ProjMan A is responsible for creating the timelines, meeting times, leading discussions on builds, setting deadlines with the team, etc. This person would check in with the teams weekly and help guide them to achieve their goals for the season. They would NOT be a driver for any team but would go to tournaments. If they are creating the timelines and contributing to the Notebooks could they be a part of the Interviews for the teams? Could they also work on the Online Challenges and add it to any team they want?


I think so, as long as they are in the age group of those teams. There aren’t any steadfast rules for students helping with different teams. I’d suggest they only participate in one judges interview though since I’m not sure how all judges would look at members participating in multiple.

I don’t know the official answer to your question, but each of my teams has its own project manager. They are very busy just keeping track of their team, I can’t imagine how they would be able to oversee multiple teams. My teams (and their notebooks!) really improved drastically when I started using project managers. The only tricky part is making sure the rest of the team realizes that they are the project manager, not the “notebook person”. The notebook should still be a team document and everyone should be contributing to it.


I would hope it would be ok. It’s a real world application. I think it would be appropriate for programs with multiple teams to even have design engineers who could be working on new or different ideas to support the active teams (think R&D).

Pretty much if the kids are doing the work, then, it should be ok. We shouldn’t be in the position to reduce engagement, creativity, or collaboration, as long as it doesn’t run counter to the competition rules.

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