Prolific, RobotC and Windows 8

Just to let you know I have the old style ‘Programming Hardware Kit’ working with RobotC in Windows 8.

I had 2 issues.
Initially the adapter would not work, and when I got it to work, RobotC would not reliably talk to it.

to fix
1st Install the usb-serial Drivers from Vex
open up task manager (maybe a quicker way, but I opened search, typed in control panel, opened control panel, and clicked on device manager).
plug the adapter
if you are looking in the right place, you will see windows recognize it, for about a minute it looks fine, then one windows updates the driver, it stops working and you get a yellow triangle.
right click the adapter in device manager and select properties.
select the driver tab
click on roll back driver, and select the one you installed from vex.

it should now say its working.

for RobotC
find the shortcut… mine is on the desktop.
right click
select compatibility (sorry doing this from memory so may be troubleshoot compatibility or something like that).
and set it for windows 7. I also gave mine administrative privileges, but not sure if that is necessary.

after that it all worked fine