Prolific USB Serial cable problems

So I received a new programming kit today to replace the one borrowed from the school.

The new USB serial adapter does not work in Windows giving error 10 in the com port properties. The old USB serial adapter works fine, so it’s not a driver issue as far as I can tell. The driver is the latest from the prolific web site.

I tried under Windows Pro 64bit and also Win XP 32 bit, same problem under both.

Both Old and New adapters work on my Mac so the adapter is not broken.

I have other serial adapters that work so it’s not a major problem, but it’s annoying to have to spend $50 just for the small programming module.

Anyone have any ideas?

So put the cable on my USB analyzer, looks like it is a bad cable even though it partially works on the Mac. Guess I will call tech support and get an RMA :frowning: No need to suggest any crazy windows driver tricks.