Promotion Video Move Making Software

What programs did you guys use to make your Promotional videos?


I haven’t put together a promotional video, but if you need a good video editing software, I would recommend sony vegas pro 9 or later. It is great for cuts, transitions, color and light effects, and even some sound editing. Also, it’s pretty easy to find free copies on the internet since pro 9 had universal registration codes i believe.

Because our school has the full Adobe suite, we utilized Adobe Premiere Pro in the creation of this video: [shameless plug]

I would use Premier pro and/or after effects. The program does not matter quite as much as the cinematography does though. Just keep that in mind.

Thanks so far. Are there any good free softwares for PC?


We used adobe after effects for our green screen footage (you can download a 30-day free trial), and put all our footage together in iMovie (iMovie is generally seen as unprofessional, but it’s good for putting already edited clips together)

to run iMovie you also need a Mac. If you have a windows it comes with movie maker which would work. Movie Maker can look good if you know how to manipulate it well.

I have WMM, but it stinks. The Vista, or 7 version is WAY better.

i didn’t do a promote video, but i use the HD-1000e with imove HD, then use either final cut/after effects cs5.5 to touch it up … i use garageband to make my own music (royalty free) … and then burn it using toast :smiley:

that is when i use my mac ^

on pc i use …

cyberlink power director, with after effects … then touch up in vegas …

no real alternative 2 garage band :frowning:

then basically use windows DVD burner …