Proportional pictures

I would like to see the pictures be proportional to the size of the actual part. For example the in the listing of accessories the pictures for the Shafts and Hardware makes it look like it is four times the size of the High Strength Shafts and Hardware. Some places a #8-32 x 1/4" screw loos like it is the same length as a #8-32 x 2" screw, just 8 times the diameter. OK so I can read the fine print and figure it out, but we are building robots not playing Find Waldo.

Yeah I agree on this. This should be a thing they should have, but the main issue is that sometimes objects are so long it will be very hard to see…

What about maybe having a 3D view of it (Like the ability to look around and zoom closer and farther to the object)

You mean like a CAD file? I think they have those already.

That wouldn’t really work. A C channel would have to be 35 times as wide as a washer. If you want a way to see every vex part with dimensions I would suggest downloading the CAD files.

The main screw size picture shows them all relative to each other, just not to other parts.

Are you looking for something like what McMaster Carr shows on the product detail pages? Still way above size but it is an engineering drawing. Still not relative to other Vex parts. But a ruler is the common element with precise measurements.

If you want these speicfics, Vex always has the STEP files for you to look at the part in Autodesk Inventor (free but hard to use right away). That will definitely show you the part relative to the other parts as you import them into Inventor. Design before you build or even order.

scroll to bottom section of Technical Specification --> Doc & Downloads tab has the STEP files.

Like… I don’t know what it’s called, but in some pictures or objects you can buy, there’s an option to “View 3D” where you can click, zoom, and look around on the website page…

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