Proposal - Postpone Worlds 2021?

Just throwing an idea out to the community and hopefully RECF might want to consider it as well.

Looking at the Covid-19 situation around the world, it doesn’t seem to be dying down… yet.
I know there are a few vaccines that are currently at the last stage of testings, but think a likely roll-out dates will be around end of this year or even maybe Jan/Feb 2021.
And even when the vaccine is finally out, there is still an issue of production, etc.
I can imagine that the vulnerable groups and the frontline workers will be getting the vaccine 1st (and rightly so). So it will take another 2 or 3 months before there can be enough vaccines produced for the masses.

I am wondering if RECF might want to consider postponing worlds 2021 ?
Even if it is postponed by just 1 month, I think it might help with all the international travellings, etc.

Currently we are about 7 months away to worlds 2021, hopefully this will give enough time for RECF to work out the logistics and the bookings of venues?
With all the major events being cancelled, i do think it is realistic to work out an alternative dates for worlds.

The downside will be having a shorter season 2021/22. But don’t think having a shorter (by 1 or 2 moths) season will be a big issue as compared to the risk of not having worlds for 2 years in a roll.

What do you guys think?


The way I see it is this;
An optimistically early vaccine which is what the 2021 availability is in terms of vaccine from the fact the fast vaccine produced took around three years so if that occurs then and the roll out occurs which I know that many governments have been investing heavily in due to the fast they can do that the faster they can change border measures. There needs to be note that the vaccine mightn’t come around until 2021 or 2022 or later.

Postponing worlds might already be a strech even now large events and missive events like world sometimes allegedly take up to a a year and a have to book up the 100’s of different event staff and approvals and a change in date might already given the lead time on some tasks just similar how it become impossible to postpone world 2020. Not saying that would be impossible but we already at a crossroads as such.

The second problems is realistically there could be the even worse possibility that world might not be able to happen because the venues could ligtimtley go broke and thus the event could even be canceled not by RECF but by the center for not getting enough bookings. The other problem might actually be the cost of dealing the event even now contracts for events are often rather inflexible however given the current climate I’m sure Dan at RECF would have negotiate beater than normally terms around flexibly this year.

I myself am not getting any hopes up that there will be worlds I myself feel that there < 1% chance worlds will even happen


Some of the vaccines are actually already in production, in case they pass tests.


It still won’t be able to meet the world demand.
It is not enough if only certain countries or certain groups are vaccinated and not the rest.
The optimistic estimation by WHO is that it will be around mid 2021 before we can expect the stock of vaccines to be enough for the masses.

Well… of course there is a vaccine that is supposedly ready and already in use by Russia… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit - with more info.

Well… ready by year end and 300 million doses a year… won’t be enough to go around.


I agree that with the way things are going, worlds will not be able to proceed as normal this season. I feel like postponing it is doable, but I question whether or not we should. It might need to be postponed an entire year, do we really want to be playing change up for 2 years?


i’d rather not have my only two years of vrc worlds be canceled


Good point. Let’s not cancel worlds, because that wouldn’t be very cool for the people who want to go.

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well if worlds gets cancelled it will be because it isn’t safe. It isn’t something we can just change because it’s not fun. So while we all want worlds to happen, it simply might not be doable.

postponing is another option, but like I said, it might need to be postponed until 2022 if conditions don’t improve. so when the time comes, the question will be do we cancel worlds and start a new season afterwards, or do we lengthen the change up season indefinitely until worlds can be hosted. Personally, I would prefer getting a new challenge for 2021-2022 season. Change up is a terribly boring game to be doing only skills for up to 2 years.

There’s also the chance that worlds will be able to happen, and that would be great. But seeing as things are far worse now then when 2020 worlds was cancelled with no sign of things getting better any time soon, I wouldn’t count on the pandemic being over in time for worlds 2021.

If the situation becomes that we will be ready to have worlds a few months after the intended date, then postponing does make sense. It might be wise to postpone the date now before it’s too late, so that in the scenario that we just need one or two more months before it’s safe, worlds doesn’t need to be cancelled.


I’m not sure that financially RECF could cancel 2 worlds in a row.

Sponsor money is considerably harder to come around this year.

Postponing might also take a financial hit.


It definitely would be a financial hit, but if it comes to cancelling, it’s not like recf will have an choice.

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i’d like to believe that they do

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if conditions aren’t significantly better then they were when 2020 worlds was cancelled, then they really only have two options:

  1. Go forward with worlds, despite the fact that there is a pandemic going on, putting the lives of everyone attending at risk.

  2. Cancel worlds because it isn’t safe.

Doesn’t sound like much of a choice to me.


i think we all know this. i’d just like to hold out some hope that the only 2 years i’ve done vex won’t end without a worlds


Still technically a choice.

Anyway I’m not sure it’s fair to say putting the lives of everyone attending at risk. If they choose to attend they are going to be accepting the risk involved. Is it fair to say that every year for worlds the recf is risking everyone’s’ lives because they have to drive or fly to the event? There are lots of car crashes and plenty of plane failures. Many people die from them, more than covid in fact. It’s not fair to make that statement because those in attendance are accepting that risk. Same with other factors, like the flu. People may get sick and die from the flu, but people accept the risk. That’s part of life, accepting risk.

Now I do understand that some risks are more intense than others. We may be in a position where the risk is too great, but I just don’t think that’s a fair assessment overall. If people are willing to accept the risks, just as they accept the risks of other things, I don’t see why it would be the fault of the recf to host the event


I don’t want to be too harsh here but I see this point here as kind of selfish. We can’t just go with what we think is “cool” for us to do. Lives are at stake here. Of course we all want worlds to happen but the safety of thousands of people is much more important than going to a competition (and an amateur one at that) just because you want to get the experience.


That’s just not an entirely fair assessment

The difference here is that even if everyone acknowledges the risk (which is way too high to be acceptable tbh), it will still impact other people that didn’t. What happens when a student catches it at worlds, then brings it back to their home and their whole family gets it? Then they spread it to other people in their community. It starts an exponentially growing cluster of cases, all because one person thought it was “worth the risk”.

This explains it very well. does having worlds cancelled suck? yes, it totally does. We all wish it could happen. But the virus unfortunately doesn’t care what we want. So we can’t do things that we wish we could. And it looks like worlds 2021 will probably be one of those things.


considering the fact that several of my family members are highly susceptible to covid… i think i understand this better than most, and still want words to go on. i don’t think it’s selfish to hold out hope that things get better.

of course i won’t go if things don’t improve
but i think it’s far too early to make that absolute of a judgment on the situation

of course recf should keep their options open
if it’s possible to postpone worlds, that might be a good option. but i think it’s way too early to consider cancelling


Ok well in that case i am sorry i misinterpreted your post. I thought that

implied that you were against cancelling worlds no matter the situation in spring.


yeah this is about right.
Recf definitely shouldn’t cancel until we’re close to worlds in case it does get better, even though it doesn’t look like it will anytime soon. They made the right move last year, I think we can trust them to make the right move this year. We need to wait and see, there’s always a small chance things could make a turn for the better.