proposed rule changes

where do we submit a proposed rule change?

First, I think 3D printed parts should be allowed with restrictions. Restrictions being it should be 1) be limited to existing IQ parts you can buy 2) the Robot may not have more than X% of printed content (I think 5-10% range would be somewhere to start) 5 out of 100 parts can be printed (parts being major structure parts not connectors… angles, stand-offs, so on could be printed and count to the content of printed parts)

Second, I think axles should be able to be cut as long as they are within a few mm of a standard axle length. Restriction could be that ends must be rounded with a file etc.

Feel free to comment with other proposed common sense rule changes… and let me know where to submit these.

I submitted the suggestions to the game design committee.

Note one question had been asked over on the rules forum. I have frequented this forum, but didn’t look there first…