[Proposed] Update to expansion rules

I think a lot of people including me think the current expansion rules are just dumb, and there are many matches that got ruined because of them so here is some changes I think should be made

If a robots expansion Mechanism exits the walls of the feild the alliances endgame points Do not count

Clarification to momentary expansion:
Momentary expansion is defined as non match effecting (not blocking other robots to an area they would like to be) and if possible can be retracted under the updated R5

If a robots expansion hangs outsude the 18 after a match has started due to normal use
(IE: without intent or above 2 inches out) and is not touching the ground so would not be counted as expansion is not permitted to get a violation

Endgame time increased to 15 instead of 10

These changes i think will make endgame alot less of a pain because even if it’s the other team it still sucks to see endgame ruin a match, I think this inceeases the room for error which in a game like this with many moving parts is key to a much funner game


Regarding the first rule (S2):
Endgame going out of the field is a big deal, as some teams are using very powerful endgame mechanisms with heavy payloads, and if endgame leaves the field, somebody could get injured.
The current penalty of a disqualification (0 points) is justified, even though it can be annoying at times.

Endgame time should not be increased, because most endgame mechanisms are deployed within the last 5 seconds of the match, due to roller fights. There would be very little gameplay changes, and lots of confusion.

I feel like endgame expansion as a whole is a bad game mechanic, and a better endgame would have been parking or hanging. It sucks for the score keepers, it makes robot’s look weird, and it introduces risk for the people standing around the field (competitors, ref’s, etc). Spin Up would have been a better game overall with a different endgame mechanic.


I have added [Proposed] to the Thread Title to prevent confusion with Official Rules Updates


I fully agree with your alternatives to endgame mechanic.

“King of the hill” platforms(like turning point) or hanging challenges are quite fun, but they present a better overall experience than Spin-Up’s expansion.


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