Propper Notebook Practices - Sketches

Hey there. This is my third year doing VEX robotics, and I have heard a few different things when it comes to sketches in the notebook. I’d like your opinion and pointers so that we can have a good notebook this year, so feel free to tell me if these are some of the best notebook practices:

  1. Once you have finished with your sketch, you need to re-write over it with pen
  2. All of your sketches should be done in your engineering notebook
  3. Sketches should be final, no adjusting them
  4. Can we put or preliminary ideas into the notebook, such as a page full of different robot mechanisms and sketches?

The numbers correspond to the question being answered

  1. This is only if you do your sketch in pencil initially, which is always a good idea. Everything in the notebook should (must if you want maximum pointage) be in blue or black ink at the end of the day.

  2. This one is kind of opinionated. I think that you should have a initial rough sketch outside of the notebook just to know how you are going to draw it (for example, isometric drawings that are not on isometric paper are incredibly difficult). After that, yes, all sketches should be in the notebook. Once again, some people may disagree with this one.

  3. Yeah pretty much. It has to be final if it’s in pen :wink:

  4. This is literally the point of the notebook XD. Put every single one of your ideas, past designs, problems, solutions, etc. into the notebook. Just make sure you don’t write paragraphs. If you do that, the notebook can be hard to grade and a lot of aspects can be glossed over to to a lack of time. Instead, use bullet points to be short and concise.


Is it essential that you go over the sketches in pen? Because if you have shading and shadows on the sketch then it’s really hard to mimic it using pen.


That can be done by changing line density. Either way, most sketches that I’ve seen don’t even have shading. Even if they do, the drawer only needs 2 shades.

It must be done in pen. If u have the standard vex distributed engineering notebook, there are rule me on the back of the cover. One of which states that everything in the notebook must be done in blue or black ink


Ok. Got it. Thanks for the fast reply.

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