PROS 3.1.0 Release

It’s here!!

At long last, here it is: PROS 3!

How do I install PROS 3?

If you’re running Linux or Windows, download the appropriate installer for your platform from our release here. Please make sure to use the 64-bit installers if your system is 64-bit, and the 32-bit installers otherwise.

If you’re running macOS, we have published standalone .app bundles for the CLI and the editor, but currently you will have to install dependencies manually. We’re working on getting approval for homebrew support, so check back again in a few days.

If you’re running Windows, MacOS, or Linux and you already have python 3.6 or greater installed, you can also use


to install the CLI. Just copy the following command in your terminal or command prompt:

pip install

Note that on Linux and MacOS, you may need to use


instead of



Once you have downloaded and run your installer, you’re ready to use PROS 3!

Okay, but how?

As with PROS 2, PROS is very flexible. You can use any editor you want with the CLI, or you can use the PROS Editor that comes preinstalled with the new and improved PROS for Atom package.

Here’s a shiny GIF of the new experience:

You may have noticed that autocompletion looks significantly better than it did before (you can even ctrl+click or cmd+click to jump to definitions!). That’s because we’ve moved to using a Language Server for C and C++, called cquery. The specifics of how this all works is out of the scope of this post, but suffice it to say it’s almost magical.

I don’t have a V5 system yet. Can I still use PROS 3?

Absolutely! PROS CLI 3.1.0 and PROS Editor 1.30.0 are both backwards compatible with the Cortex and PROS 2 projects. We’ve just published PROS kernel 2.12.2, which adds support for cquery and the PROS 3 CLI in general. To upgrade Cortex projects to the new kernel version, you can use the PROS CLI (

prosv5 c u

) or the PROS Editor (PROS menu -> Upgrade Project). You’ll still be able to open and edit Cortex projects that target older kernel versions.

Hey wait, I thought you were the open source crew. Where’s the kernel??

We have open-sourced the CLI and the new Atom package, but we’re planning to hold off on releasing the source for the kernel until sometime around December, mainly so we can focus on polishing it up and getting a few new features included.

Okay fine. But you better have really good documentation!

As many of you may be aware, we have been publishing all our documentation for the PROS 3 kernel API for some months now. You can find it all on our website, here.

Hey, what’s this OkapiLib thing I keep reading about?

OkapiLib is a library for PROS that adds high-level constructs, including chassis models, feedback controllers, data filters, and more. PROS 3 will include OkapiLib in new projects by default. To learn more, check out the documentation on our site, here.

I found a bug! What do I do?

If the bug is in the CLI, you may be prompted to send us a bug report directly (this is an opt-in feature), which will send us some debug info about the problem you have run into. If you are not prompted, and you still think you have found a bug, please feel free to open an issue report on our GitHub repo for PROS CLI 3, here.

If the bug occurs while using the PROS Editor, please open an issue report on our GitHub repo for the PROS 3 for Atom package, here.

If the bug is with using the PROS 3 kernel, please open an issue report on our main PROS repository on GitHub, here.

As always, you can contact us:

We thank you for your patience, and we hope you enjoy PROS 3!

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It’s been a long time coming! Thank you PROS devs!

Looks awesome, thank you!!

pip3 for Mac, right?

It is finally here. Thank you to the PROS Dev team for making this and thank you to Salmon for OkapiLib. Time to spread this literally everywhere

Sorry, I should probably read before asking :slight_smile:

Anyways, thanks to you and the team for making PROS awesome.


I loved using the beta. I’ve convinced my HS teams to use PROS this year. You guys do awesome, quality work.

Oh Yeah

how do i download for windows only the cli and not the atom stuff?

It looks amazing, guys! Thanks for all your hard work to make this possible!

Thank you hotel, very cool!

When installing, you’ll get a prompt for which features you’d like to install; just uncheck “PROS Editor”.

The new PROS looks amazing! Thank you, PROS devs!

if i have windows 64 bit what should i download and i have the pros for cortex and i want pros 3


You can download PROS 3.1.0 for 64-bit Windows here. You don’t need to uninstall the old version of PROS if you’re not comfortable completely switching over yet.

Minor clarification: this means that you can use the new PROS Editor and PROS CLI 3.1.0 to interact with cortex projects, not that PROS 3.1.0 (kernel) is compatible with the cortex. The kernel versions are different and represent different systems.

I’ll most likely be using PROS 3 on the daily with v5, big thanks to all the devs and testers that made it happen.

how to use Language Server ? i can’t use autocomplete…
and i can’t even ctrl+click or cmd+click to jump to definitions.
I only installed CLI.


The language server is powered by cquery, and is only installed when you install PROS Editor. If you’re using your own editor, you need to get cquery on your own (or just install PROS Editor to get cquery) along with a plugin for your editor capable of interfacing with cquery.