PROS 3.2.0 and LVGL 5.3 Issue

Over the holiday break, I have been expanding my GUI program however as I was testing and updated to PROS kernel 3.2.0 the LVGL isn’t working the same way. The previous PROS kernel 3.1.6 with LVGL 5.1 works perfectly fine but the PROS kernel 3.2.0 default LCD emulator no longer works.


Below is a picture of how the screen looks with the LCD emulator in PROS kernel 3.2.0
And here is the screen after pressing the screen in search of the buttons.

It appears that some portion of the LVGL isn’t being called correctly to initialize the display correctly, and then when the callbacks after the button are pressed it updates the screen. If anyone has any recommendations that would be great!
Thanks in advance for your help!

Edit: After doing more testing and research adding a small delay before the LVGL code solved the problem.

1069B - Argonauts

try this



or specifically this post